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At project pupper we make sure your donation does the most good by screening currently existing charities and efforts a being selective with each cause we support and how we support it. Thus ensuring that all funds are used towards the intended purpose but also in the most effective manner possible. Most charities operate to just help a problem or simply throw more money at an issue. This is just a band-aid for problems deemed to large to solve.Our goal is not to just bandage wounds temporarily, but to heal them all together and stop the bleeding for good. The focus isn’t even on just raising more funds but always the efficacy and use of those funds. Money alone won’t solve the most devastating problems affecting animals. no matter how many millions are donated every year the same problems seem to continue year over year with little to no improvement. This is why project pupper curates only the most effective charities implementing new and actually effective strategies.

Our goal isn’t the proliferation of more charity but ending the need for it all together.

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    Free Veterinary Care for Low Income or no Income Free or discounted emergency veterinary care for people with low income is extremely important to maintain the health of all dogs. Certain...
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  • Featured Causes
      Veterinary Emergency Care And Critical Care Millions of our loving family dogs die every year because an emergency happens and a veterinary emergency care visit is simply too costly. Many...
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  • Featured Causes
    Help Service Dogs What they do Service dogs are extensivly trained to save the lives of our elderly and disabled loved ones and coninue to do so every single day. Donatng...
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Story About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of philanthropic revolutionists devoted to eliminating problems, through careful research and custom planning. We do not fight disease we cure it we do not temporarily fix problems we solve them. Our main focus is not to save the life of one dog, it is to save the lives of millions.

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Urgent Cause

Dog Disease Research And Treatment

Donate to help dog disease treatment research Disease research funding is at an all time low and painful, deadly diseases have plagued dogs around the globe. Loving puppies all around the world are deathly ill and are in dire need of your help. Researchers are working hard some are months away from perfecting a cure or successful treatment method for certain diseases. There are even facilities working on...
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We can change the world for dogs!

All we need is your help

We start here...

We curate the most effective and groundbreaking charities and philanthropies from accross the globe.

1: Chartity Investigation

First we investigate charities making sure we only include the most efficacious charities and philanthropies doing the most good with least funding in new and extrodinary ways.

2: Charity Curation

We plan carefully noting each charities special capabilities, skillsets, and strategies we outline a set of systems and processes to allow us to solve an issue completely

3: Connect & Collaborate

We create a powerful network of charities knowing all their indinvidual strengths, connections, and opportunities. We begin to uncover what we could truly accomplish collaborating in unison.

Then We Plan

And plan and plan, this is where the battle is won before it begins. We conquor through minutia by exploiting details others overlook

4: Cause Identification

We look for causes where we would not just help the most but have a unique opportunity to solve the problem or create a new pardygm wherein which the issue would cease to exist

5: Think Tank

Then we plan and scheme. Looking for linchpins in the system, weakpoints, or bottlenecks in efficacy. We want problems where simple applicable solutions can actually solve problems not just provide aid.

6: The Blueprint

Once we have a suitable plan for solvable cause, we begin concocting a timeline and execution blueprint. So each charity can work indivudally and in concert to acheive objectives by attacking them at mulitple weak points concurrenlty

Finally, We Execute

We attack taking advantage of all the weknesses and lynchpincs we've idenitifed and using each charities unique strengths

7: Execute

 Then we execute our stategums using the connections, capailities, and unique skillsets of multiple charities working as a hive mind with one singular focus

8: Cogs & Flywheels

Following our minute to minute planning things begin to change as we truly start operating as 1. Each cog in it’s proper place performing perfectly and all the gears are turning!  This is the grind stage, where we truly make it happen.

9: The Formula

There you have it, the recipe itself. How we investigate and assemble groups of charities and through meticulous planning and perfect execution we solve problems far to large for a single organization

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