About Us

About Project Pupper

Our Mission?

We Are Problem Solvers

Here at Project Pupper our main mission is not to fight disease but to cure it. Our main mission is not to give one dog a home but to put an end to all homeless pets. We are focused on the core of the issues not just the outline.Unlike other charities we centralize our efforts towards changing the lives of many, not changing the life of one. Investigation is key, knowledge is a must! We don’t throw money at a problem, we deeply invest into a revolutionary solution. The key to capitalizing our resources is to invest not to spend. We invest in answers, we invest in research, we invest in a solution, most of all we make things happen. We are the revolution animal charity has been waiting for. We have exhausted all efforts into remodeling the current charity ecosystem, resulting in a vast reconstruction of tactics and methodologies. At Project Pupper we are a new world of change because we change the world. Not one dog at a time but by the millions. Project Pupper allows you be a part of something big and enact real change without having to do it all by yourself.

Who Is Project Pupper?

We are a quickly emerging philanthropic organization dedicated to eliminating the suffering of our family members, furry or not. There is always a way to help, there will always be ways to make a difference and to change lives. Stand with us here at Project Pupper and change dog’s lives forever. There are new issues arising by the second and no one is more aware than us. That’s why we don’t support causes’s we solve them. We are prepared to put up the fight and we know what it entails. We’ve planned for it, we’re ready for it. So all we ask is that you fight with us!

See Our Current Causes

Choose a Cause

Review causes of the greatest urgency and where we can have the most impact. Select cause’s there is an opportunity to permanently solve the issue permanently.

Pick a Team

Identify most relevant charities in a space with the newest and most efficacious strategies for fighting an issue at its core and actually solving it.


Use the team we’ve assembled to strike at the issue’s trigger points or enact an entirely new method of solving a crisis by creating our own independent solution.

How We Select Charities?

Project Pupper coordinates with only the best most effective charities across the globe.
Charity Research

We have an encyclapedic knowledge of all animal and specifically dog related issues and the charities that serve them. We keep a detailed record of ongoing charities and philanthropic efforts and catalog them based on their particular focus, goals, and methodology.

Charity Investigation

We look into each institutions efficacy and levels of transparency, We inspect their financial mechanisms and how eficiently and directly funds are dispersed and to what end. We disect the efficacy of these efforts and each charities individual capabilities, strength, resources, model, framework, and infrastructure.

Charity Curation

We use this information to rate them both on quantitative and qualitative guidelines. Guaranteeing they are using funds to directly impact their stated objectives. Ensuring that every dollar spent is maximized to it’s greatest potential for good.

Charity Syndication

We then combine the efforts of multiple charties towards solving a single cause permanenetly as opposed to donating to the same ineffective efforts each year

Project Pupper

Project Pupper is about finding a unique way to make massive changes with minimal donations. We specifically choose and target the causes with the greatest need and the highest probability of impact. Where we can do the most good can be done with the least funding and in most cases actually solve a problem indefinitely.


We select cause’s based on very specific criteria. We then employ other charities to lend us their combined infrastructure to help us solve them


  • Reocuring Causes
  • No End
  • No Planning
  • No Unique Solution


Project Pupper
  • Solving Causes
  • Exact Dates For Completion
  • Detailed Planning And Reporting
  • A Specific Solution And Team To Acheive it


  • Reocuring Causes
  • No End
  • No Planning
  • No Unique Solution