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Animal rescues save the lives of thousands of animals. All animal rescues take in different types of animals from different scenarios. A good amount of animals salvaged by most rescues are received from open admission canine shelters. Open admission dog shelters who have run out of room and do not have any foster homes available. In turn they believe that they have no other option than to euthanize. Animal Rescues make it their mission to do as much for animals as possible. Animal rescuse are usually founded by kind hearted selfless animal lovers. Animal lovers who believe it is their calling to save the lives of the beautiful dogs. That people often under appreciate and neglect. Also rescues are known to take in very specific types of animals or breeds of dogs only.

Where do Rescues Receive Their Funding?

Often times rescues are locally funded organizations. Dog Rescues are commonly located in smaller facilities or even someone’s home. The facilities are so tight on room and funding that most of the animals they take in are sent to fosters. They typically raise the majority of their finances through charities and fundraisers. Unlike shelters who are government institutions and receive most of their bankroll from the government. While having to rely solely on community donations it is no surprise that in many instances rescues are extremely low on funds. They are in dire need of further donations in order to continue taking care of our sweet furry friends from harmful and possibly deadly environments.

Most Animal Rescues and Shelters Euthanize SOME of Their Animals

Unfortunately, if an animal is found to be severely vicious or, have a fatal disease there are still rescues, shelters, and open admission shelters who do euthanize however those who claim the status as “No Kill” will only be allowed to euthanize 10 percent of their animals. There are even worse places that. Send their dog euthanasia list off to a different animal organization to be put down. Hope is here though, rescues are more about saving the lives of animals than anything. Rescues even Kill Rescues euthanize a much smaller amount of animals than the typical government shelter. I am not saying that euthanasia is right!

I just feel so sad because most people working at these shelters and rescues are passionate about animals. It has to deeply painful for the volunteers to witness the deaths of so many innocent precious puppy lives be taken.

Help Us Support Rescues

Dog rescues go out of their way to ensure that animals will get the best care and rehabilitation as needed it seems that rescues have to do much more heavy lifting than pet shelters. Instead of funds being given to animal shelters by the government. canine rescues have to beg for donations, on top of that they have recruit volunteers. Government funded shelters can actually hire employees to help out with the animals. Rescues deserve a little bit of help for all of the hard work that they do. If you agree with that idea just hit the donation button and please please please share this cause with your friends.

People need to be properly educated on these matters, and who knows it may encourage them to donate to a rescue in need.