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Dog Blood Transfusions Death Toll Rises

Dog Blood Transfusion

Dying Dogs! Going Through Blood Transfusion Drought!

Dogs are going through a blood drought and dying painful deaths because there is not enough blood to help their condition or tragic injury. Just a single blood donation can save up to 4 lives. Most pet people are weird, I mean let’s just accept it. We are a worldwide community who understand each other when most people don’t. If that doesn’t convince you to help, think about all the lives that are being taken due to a blood shortage. You can help now!


Why Facilities are Short on Dog blood ?

The shortage of dog blood for dog blood transfusions is mostly due to the lack of awareness. There are also very few locations, many different blood types, and certain medical qualifications dog clients are required to meet making it nearly impossible to get enough blood for blood transfusions in emergency situations.

Very few donation centers

Actual dog blood donation centers are extremely rare so rare that there are only 5 legitimate dog blood donation centers in the United States. We need more places for a donation which means we need to fund the program more. Donations at Project Pupper are being accepted every day at any amount you wish. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! There more you share this information with the more awareness we are receiving for this ongoing, heartbreaking dilema.

Low awareness

There is never any advertisement about dog blood donation. NEVER! No one knows how many lives are being loss due to shortage of blood. The awareness is super low. If more people were aware of this ongoing problem, we would have more donatio clinics. Share this article with your friends, encourage your friends to help save more puppy lives.

Blood types

There are many different dog breeds which are highly unique with a large variations of blood types. This means humans are unable to donate their blood to dogs. With the diverse amount of blood types and the scare amount of blood donations dogs are dying every day due to blood shortage. On the upside there is a rare blood type that is able to be used on all dog breeds. We encourage that you help raise awareness today or bring your pup in to save lives today. Just one donation can save 4 lives.

Specific Requirements for Blood Donations

In order to have a successful blood transfusion the donor is required to be completely healthy so that there will be no complications during the donation process and the pupper does not pass any underlying diseases to the receiving animal. Most facilities have weight limits, age limits and ask that the donor has not given birth during their lifespan. The good news is, when the propper donor is approved, he or she may give blood multiple times in a year saving so many lives. The demand for dog blood is on the rise and you could help today.

Please Help Dog in Need

At project pupper we do extensive research on charities and organizations who claim to be using donations on helping the animals. The sad reality is, a majority of those companies are either scamming you or they pocket an unimaginable amount of that money that you spent your valuable time earning. As we all know, emergencies happen and in a lot of cases most of us are not prepared and they end up losing their best friend due to lack of funding. If you do not have the funds to donate towards blood transfusion processes we encourage you to bring your healthy dog in in order to save the lives of these beautiful souls in need of just a little bit of help. Just imaging how astronomically you will change a life just from making a small donation whether it be blood or funds towards a specific canine who could die any second. The process is completely humane however certain facilities do have certain qualifications for your canine to qualify so it is recommended that you call the donation center prior showing up. All blood types are accepted, however if you dog has the universal blood type, you ad fibo will be saving even more lives.

Could Your Dog Be a Canine Blood Donor?