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Dog Disease Research
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Disease research funding is at an all time low and painful, deadly diseases have plagued dogs around the globe. Loving puppies all around the world are deathly ill and are in dire need of your help. Researchers are working hard some are months away from perfecting a cure or successful treatment method for certain diseases. There are even facilities working on the edge of eradicating the disease all together by creating and perfecting disease prevention mechanisms like vaccinations for specific diseases. The problem is that their pockets are running dry fast. Without the proper amount of funding their research will never be completed and animals will continue to suffer, some suffer for years waiting for a cure only to experience an even more inevitably painful death. These animals need your help, project pupper is accepting donations to fund these facilities, if you are unable to make a donation we ask that you please share this article with all of your friends and family members, anything helps.

There is a rapidly decreasing number of laboratories and veterinarians dedicated to canine medical research causes due to lack of funding and disease awareness. There are facilities being forced to shut down who are focused on diseases that show extreme promise for more effective treatments, some even on the verge of a cure. Often the funding requirements for a shelter operating temporarily, housing just a few dogs for a single year can be enough to fund research that creates a comprehensive cure or treatment plan for specific diseases or illnesses effective thousands of dogs. Funding a dog research facility will save lives forever help to create a solution to dogs suffering from a debilitating or deadly disease permanently.

The lack of completed research has resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives and will continue to do so until there is a cure or prevention to these . There’s a large number of these disorders that could have and been avoided with just a few dollars and a short veterinary visit. It is imperative that we raise enough funds to give owners the ability to care for their pet when life takes a wrong turn. Project Pupper is dedicated to saving the lives of as many dogs as we can by making sure every dollar is out in the right place. We are currently seeking donations for aiding the research of the most common yet least funded types of deadly canine diseases such as Autoimmune Diseases, Kidney Disease, Liver, Heart Disease, Cushing. Addison’s, Vestibular, Lyme, Skin Diseases, and Pyometra.

Dog Kydney Diseases

Dog Liver Diseases

Dog Heart Diseases

Cushings Disease

Addisons Disease

Autoimmune Disease

Almsot a cure

Sadly canine medical research has not been the main focus recently, often times charities and fundraisers are more shelters friendly with their donations. Everyone wants to save lives and we are all aware animals shelters save many lives. However, when saving lives it is important to see the bigger picture and envision where it goes and how many lives you are saving with your donation. When looking at the two causes on a larger scale donating to disease preventative and curable research will save more lives. Think about it this way, you can save 20 dogs in a shelter or you can contribute to a cure that can change the dog world forever and limitless lives. There are many deadly diseases in dogs and researchers are fighting to find a cure. Several dog medical research laboratories were monthly from perfecting treatments and completing their research when their pockets dried up forcing them to shut down. We can't allow all of their hard work and money to go to waste when there are so many lives on the line. They have done most of the heavy lifting for us, all you have to do is lift a finger and press donate or share.

Deadly Dog Disease’s that additional research and funding are most needed for and where more funding is most effective

Parvo or Parvovirus

Dog Cancer Research

Distemper Prevention

Tick related

Lyme disease

Heart Worm


Kennel Cough



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Preventable Dog Diseases In Need Of Research

Below is a List of the Most Common and Most Deadly Canine Diseases That Are Also Preventable

Heartworm Parasites

Caused by deadly mosquito bites or drinking stagnant water with mosquito larvae. Heartworm Disease is Expensive to treat but fairly inexpensive to prevent.

Epilepsy In Dogs

Epilepsy is commonly a hereditary defect and is not preventable and has no cure. Researchers are working hard on finding an end to this disease and a less expensive, more effective method of treatment.

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cauge is Canine bronchitis spread through the air or caught from contact with other animals who have it. The bordetella vaccine is the current preventative measure being taken.

Lyme disease in dogs

Lyme disease “The Silent Killer” is nearly undetectable. There are preventative measures, treatment methods, and diagnostics, none of which have any valuable impact on the dog. Research is needed to perfect these methods.

Canine Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is when the kidneys stop filtering blood, urine or waste properly. It is deadly and usually unrecognizable until the organs have lost 75% of their functionality. Treatment in dogs is costly and can be ineffective even after completion, further research is imperative.

Something has to be done to fix this ongoing issues now before it is too late. project pupper even allows users to choose a donation of any amount as well as provide the assurance that your hard earned money is safely and securely transferred directly to the cause or disease you would like to support. We have gone out of our way to ensure that the donation process is simple and very fast, You have the ability to contribute to this cause all without leaving the comfort of your home can save a life, or many lives. It’s as simple as pushing a few buttons. We can assure you that we have your best interest in mind as well as the sweet debilitated animals who could quite possibly be on their departure to heaven by the end of this article. We have spent an extensive amount of our time researching different charities so that your contribution will be given to a trusted campaign and to the pets who are in urgent need of medical attention or who may be in fatal condition.

“Canine physiology differs greatly from that of other animals and human and therefore so does the pathology of the diseases that affect them. That’s why funding for medical research specific to dogs and the diseases that affect them most is so important. Funding requirements for dog-specific disease research to be effective are minimal but programs targeting canine medical research exclusively are so underfunded that often issues with solutions that would require minimal additional research are completely ignored or abandoned when a cure could be just months away.”

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Some of these dogs are just dollars away from receiving the treatment they need. If you are interested in being a part of this life-changing experience spread the word about our current effort to save millions of lives dollar by dollar please feel free to share our link or this cause so they can change be a hero too. Puppies are losing their lives by the second.

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