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No Kill Dog Shelters

Animal Shelters in America, while trying to help our local homeless pets are taking innocent lives due to lack of funding and space in their facilities. This is an undoubtedly pressing concern, every year 1.5 million dogs are euthanized in shelters. The good news is that the ASPCA has seen a significant decrease in animals being admitted into shelters and animals being euthanized. The number of dogs being euthanized nearly cut in half since then. It seems that our methods are working, we just need a little more help in order to completely fix the problem.

Difference Between a Dog Shelter and a Dog Rescue Shelter

Before continuing this article, it I important for you to know that there is not just one type of shelter and they don’t all euthanize the sweet pups that they take in as their own responsibility. Shelters themselves are primarily funded by the government and have paid employees and most times have a veterinarian on staff along with a strict set of rules for adoption. They also charge adoption fees most times for most of the animals depending on a number of factors.

Kill Animal Shelters

While killing Dog shelters also known as open admission animal shelters to save lives, they also take many lives. However, it is important to keep in mind that the majority of shelters whether they euthanize or not want to help animals. When strays are found and admitted to the shelter they will have the chance to be adopted but only for a limited time and then they are sent to death row. In a way, open admission shelters are even better than the no-kill shelters because they take in all animals and give them a small chance at life.

No Kill Dog Shelters

Regular no-kill animal shelters can deny taking in pets if they believe they will have no room for the animal or an animal they can not care for. However there is a downfall, any no-kill shelter is allowed to keep the status “no-kill dog shelter” as long as the euthanize 10 percent or less of their animals. The shelters do want to prevent euthanasia as much as possible but if an animal is considered very harmful to humans or severely ill with a fatal disease, they are more likely to put the animal to rest. The worst part is in order to maintain their stats as a no-kill dog shelter, they will send their animals off to other facilities so it doesn’t technically count towards them. Most animals admitted into these facilities are normally the cutest and most friendly. Where all of this can be devastating and sound terrible just remember in the back of your mind that shelters do run out of room and funds and they aren’t doing this out of malicious intent, they just need more funding.

Main Reasons Dogs are Euthanized in Dog Kill Shelters

Medical Checks

When admitted into a shelter, every dog undergoes a medical and behavior check. If the dog is found to have an illness the shelters outweighs whether or not the treatment is worth it vs. putting funds towards other dogs. If the treatment is too costly or the illness is too severe they are more likely to euthanize. They also consider the length of treatment and the chance of recovery.

Behavioral Checks

When the shelters conduct a behavioral check on the dog. If the dog shows food or aggression in interaction with other animals, in general, they may be euthanized. In other cases is the dog even reacts in the wrong way to a sound or touch they may lose their opportunity to have a second chance at life. The third main reason for euthanasia is lack of space in the shelter.

People Adopt or Buy Animals Unaware of the Responsibilities and Other Factors

They don’t expect the dog to be a certain size, temperament, or weren’t prepared to put the work and love into a dog. The dogs may have certain behaviors or even illnesses that the owners just don’t know how to handle and to be blunt, simply don’t care enough to put in the money or effort. It’s sad and something needs to be done to stop this.Dogs are losing their lives every day because of small things that can be easily fixed.

How We are Going to Stop Kill Shelters From KILLING Innocent Animals

Don’t get me wrong, there still are no-kill animal shelters who do not take the lives of animals and most employees and volunteers are animal lovers themselves and do their very best to help the poor pups but the dog shelters need much more than a loving staff, they are in dire need of funds. If you want to help, the main way to cease the deaths of pets in dog rescue shelters is to donate to the shelters so that they can provide more room, food, and care for the animals. Please spread the word, make your friends and family clearly aware of what is actually happening. We at Project Pupper do our research and are dedicated to making sure your money goes to the right place. If you press donate and add your contribution to our site we will be more than happy to get your funds to the right place whether it be the shelter of your choice or to others that we have previously researched and can guarantee that you will be helping them the most out of all other organizations. With your help, we as a team can definitely make a difference in the number of animals alive in warm loving homes.

3 Big Reasons Why Animal Shelters Euthanize Pets