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Free Veterinary Care for Low Income or no Income

Free or discounted emergency veterinary care for people with low income is extremely important to maintain the health of all dogs. Certain low cost veterinary care treatments are necessary medical services for an animal’s health and should be provided free or at low-cost for homeless dogs or at a discounted veterinary care price for low income families, seniors citizens on a fixed income or disability, and the pets of the homeless. Emergency veterinary care for low income is all the more important to help with Veterinary care in critical conditions. Most of the low-cost vet care would go to animals in critical condition needing urgent care that their owner simply cannot afford to provide for them. Some reccuring pet care medical treatments are also useful in reducing overall costs and homeless dogs or feral cats. Spay neuter programs, for instance, reduce the number of homeless animals and animals in need of care. Reducing the animal population also assists pet rescues and animal shelters because the lower the population of these animals the less they must take in. Also while the causality in unknown there has been a correlation shown between less stray animals and increased animal adoption rates. This further helps dog rescue groups and pet shelters. This is why low income vetirinary care is so important and had spiraling effects that reach all parts of the dog community low income or not.

Don’t be too Quick to Judge

Hundreds of thousands of dogs die every year because the owner simply could not afford their annual vaccinations and routine vet visits, vet bills aren’t getting any lower and pet care costs more and more each year. Owners everywhere are in shambles because of the loss of their canine companion when their deaths could have been easily prevented by a simple vet visit but veterinary services are getting more and more expensive. Many people outside of veterinary clinics do not realize how important routine checkups and annual vaccinations are until they are holding their poor puppy’s lifeless limp body in their arms left with the feeling of regret and remorse. They can’t push the thoughts and the what ifs out of their brain. Thankfully a lot of this can be prevented with annual vaccinations and we at project pupper would like to help fund the annual vet visits of those with low income. We are accepting donations if you would like to donate to the cause just hit donate and in the additional not section you will be able to specify a facility or specific breed or disease prevention you would like to fund (For example Additional Note: I would like this to help service dogs get low cost veterinary care and discounted pet medications).Then we’ll choose the most direct route to accomplish your personal goals and send you an email about your donation, where it went, and what has already or will help to accomplish. If you don’t have that specific of a sub-cause in mind already, it’s okay most people don’t we will take care of that and find the issue where your dollar will go farthest. You’ll also receive an email about your donation, where it went, and what has accomplished.

If you cannot afford to donate please make sure you atleast share and share everywhere if possible.

Social Sharing is our foundation’s lifeblood figuratively and literally saves dog’s lives.

Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance

Coming from an outside perspective it is sometimes hard to fathom how a pet owner could ever let their pet get to this point. The honest truth is sometimes things just happen, someone could have a dog for years and keep up with their medical needs and every vet appointments, the dog could be healthy all its life, then the owner loses their job and have trouble finding another one. The vet bills begin to stack up and they lose everything they have except little Fido. When someone’s whole world falls apart they need their best friend by their side to get them through the tough times. These owners love their dogs with all of their hearts… sometimes their wallets just can’t keep up. If someone can’t even afford rent, vaccinations are usually not on the table (Sharing this article however is free and I know you didn’t the first time, come on please we need the help. Seriously, like right now, please). Some of you may already be thinking “If you can’t afford the dog then give it away” but before judging others not only consider the persons feeling but also the dogs. If the dog had to be re-homed he or she would be devastated and confused. Also take into account how many people you would actually trust to give your canine baby to. Not many. Let’s not forget that without the annual vaccines the dogs that end up with these easy to prevent and even more easily contractible diseases often become fatal very quickly. The diseases can also be passed on to other dogs. Dog lovers around the world need your help. It is extremely important to take your pup to the vet annually to ensure that he or she gets the vaccines necessary to protect them from common diseases and viruses which can be very contagious and show no signs or symptoms until your puppy is on the edge of death.

The Most Important Annual Vaccinations Plus Vet Pricing

All of the viruses on this annual vaccination list are contagious to other dogs so vaccination is imperative. If lucky, pet owners may find a vet that charges a bundled fee for all vaccinations, it is normally way more inexpensive than pricing them separately however most vets don’t. That’s why emergency veterinary care for low income is so important.

Price Just To Be Seen

Most vets charge what’s called an exam fee with every visit, depending on the vet it could range between 50-75 dollars, that’s without any procedures being done.

Vaccination costs and frequency

How much is DAPPV vaccination ?

The cost of the DAPPV shot is about $20-30 at a normal vet it vaccinates against the deadly viruses distemper, adenovirus also known as canine hepatitis, parvo, and para-influenza. These vaccinations are normally administered 3 times between 6 and 16 weeks then a one year booster, after that the vaccination is not required for another 3 years

How much is Rabies vaccination ?

This vaccine normally cost about $10-15 the virus requires a vaccination at or between the age of 14-16 weeks and then they will receive another vaccine after one year and then you won’t have to worry about another one for 3 years. Due to rabies extreme danger, there are many foundations including us who provide financial assistance for rabies vaccination.

How much does a heartworm test cost ?

The heart-worm test is vital monthly medication should not be given if a dose is late or missed, always retest.about the test is usually $40 and the monthly medications range depending on many different factors such as dogs weight, brand of medication and what other things the medication protects against. Many people go with Trifexis because it protects against fleas and heart-worms and other types of worms.which is about $200 a year. Simple heart-worm medications cost $40-70 a year.

Stand Behind us on This Cause, Canines Everywhere Need You

Life can be rough but our dogs should not have to suffer from our shortcomings, Project Pupper has made it our mission to reach out to those in need, we tend to reach out specifically to the ones with paws in need of medical care. We empathize with those whose lives are currently in shambles and we know how immensely distressing it would be for someone not to be able to care for their furry best friend. If you would like to help the pet fund and donate for the routine veterinary care for dog owners who may have recently lost their jobs or are going through some type of financial hardship and are in need of an assistance program. We encourage dog lovers everywhere to support this cause because without the proper care, our canine family members can lose their lives and you may not even see the signs. We at Project Pupper have been there and we are standing behind this cause 100 percent.