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Service dogs for all needs:
  • Autism Service Dogs
  • Diabetic Service Dogs
  • Psychiatric Service Dogs
  • Seizure Service Dogs
  • Epilepsy Service Dogs
  • PTSd Service Dogs
  • Emotional Service Dogs
  • Deperssion Service Dogs
Donation Goal For This Project is $100,000
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Help Service Dogs

What they do

Service dogs are extensivly trained to save the lives of our elderly and disabled loved ones and coninue to do so every single day. Donatng to the service dog fund not only saves lives but provides owners with very personal and specific benefits such as but not limited to detecting a suveer medical issue and providing emergency assistance, suiside prevention, emotional support and even helping with day to day tasks that may even take the place of a care taker. For example, if the service dog owner had trouble gettig around he or he would ask their loyal companion to grab something specific for them or if someone is blind a sercice animal may act as a seeing eye dog.

Why do people need service dogs

The tasks of a service dog are nearly endless and extreamly effective in contributing to the happiness and wellbeing of those most in need. In general these dogs will provide a loving, loyal companion dedicated to caring for people in need of personal assistance and just a friend they can count on and create a bond of no other creating a whole new world of happiness and hope for your family, friends, loved ones of any ort or even yourself. If you have personal experience with owning a service dog you for sure know the benefits of it and how much change you can make to someones life with a small donation.

Why do We Need to Donate to Service Dog Funding

Service dogs are great companions and save so many lives weather it be notifying someon of an emergency or suicide prevention. People need th be loed and needed, its human nature. Not ony that but simply becase most disabled people are unable to do things on their own and have most likely been abanoned or rarely get any help at all. They are often short on income and are “in need of” expensive and possibly harmful medications. The point is that these multiple isues can be sved with just a click of a botton. Gve osmeoe a better life today every dollar counts.

Why more people are getting service dogs

Effective Treatment Method
This method of tretmrnt is reported to be as effective or even more effective than traditional methods of treatment like medications which only put a bandaid on the situation and cause other problems. What could posbly be the downside to a more natural halthy form of recovery provem to b successful eith less expeces and dependncy.

Less side Effects to Medications

People who choose service dogs generally take lower medications than previously or they do away with the meds completely. If they take Less medications they will have less deadly side effects. So once again this could be a life changer and quite possibly extend their lives due to the fact that certain medications can possibly have long term concewuences that could result in extreamly dangerous side effects witht the possibility of fatality.

Less Money Spent on Treatment

Those with disabilities normally can not baance a normal job so they are already very limited on expences. Donating t this fund will not only help them save money on the service dog but it is also provides them with a more long term savings. Medication is EXPENSIVE amd having a and also a decrease in money used on treatment. All in all it is a truely benificial and helpful cause to donate too. If we only had more, millions of people Also in some cases takes place of a care taker, even less money spent on treatment

Where your money will go

Project pupper has conducted etemsive research and gathered information about the most trust worthy and fugal places to send your money to. We asssure you that your hard earned money woll be sent to a facility that will do as much as they can to keep them healthy, train them, nurtutr them, feed them and most importanly whren the training proccess is over the dog eill be given to the indicidua with the most needs. Its simple and easy press the donate noe button and send as much money as you feel comfortable with. If you eould like to find out more about service animals and who they assist there are article linked to the bottom eith all of the info you may need to make the proper decision.

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