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Veterinary Emergency Care And Critical Care

Millions of our loving family dogs die every year because an emergency happens and a veterinary emergency care visit is simply too costly. Many reading this article can very closely relate to this matter. An emergency veterinary care visit can cost thousands of dollars even just a diagnostic procedure like an MRI is in the $2,000 range and the average person does not have that kind of money laying around in their pocket. What’s even more horrific is that the owner is expected to pay 75% or even all of the bill before the procedure even takes place. At project pupper, this exact topic hits very close to home. Having gone through such a tragic heart wrenching experience is exactly what inspired us to cegin helping animals all around the world. We understand and we are here to help.

There is NO TIME to Apply For a Loan or Find Help During an EMERGENCY

In a normal emergency situation,there is no time to look around for donations or to apply for loans, so many dogs are left to be euthanized because the owner cant even so much as afford the diagnostic procedure for the pet. What seems like something very serious can in many case be a very easily fixed issue. People are losing their family members every day left wondering what could have been and filling themselves with elf doubt and hate. Some even just bring theird dog back home and hope that they survive until they can raise the money to follow up with the medical procedures needed to save their fragile lives. Its a rough road, people need help, and they need it fast.
Having had experience with this exact situation we know that there are caring dog lovers out there willing to to invest in saving the lives precious puppies in need but there needs to be a faster way. In urgent life or death situations there is no telling what is wrong or how much time you have to ave your best friend AKA family dog. The very heart stricken truth is that every second is vital. There is no time for go fund me’s or loan applications, we need to donate to hospitals or care facilities that are dedicated to helping in exact situations like this. Believe it or not facilities like this do exist and we am very glad that they do, you can read my personal testimonial in the about us section of this website.

What Would YOU do?

There is nothing like taking responsibility of another life, holding them in your arms, giving them your unconditional love and getting the same back from them. There is nothing like having that little puppy grow older and having them trust you with their life weather it be to feed them, walk them, to love them or to provide them with the gift of life in a traumatic incident. I have personally heard the phrase “just put a bullet in its head” and if completely disgusts me that anyone could ever see an animal in such a way. The most disappointing feeling is knowing that you have failed the puppy that you have raised into a loyal loving dog, that you took the responsibility of them no matter what and then…. Well you failed them. Its something dog lovers will think about and learn from for the rest of our lives.
Often when going through a pet emergency and financial hardship people will say “You shouldn’t have a dog if you don’t have the money to care for it” or “Don’t let the dog suffer”. The fact of the matter is nine times out of ten people don’t take a second to place themselves in the situation of other people or even to ask what may have happened. Maybe the owner had recently lost their job or had recently been through a rough situation. As far as letting the dog suffer, with out a doubt the owner is looking for help for the exact opposite reason, they want to help their little pup survive through this hard time and be there for them no matter what, just as the dog had done for them.

Help Dogs in Emergency Situations

Through the passion of Project Pupper it is our promise to you that your donation will be sent to the right place. We even give you the option to donate to specific emergency causes or even specific breeds undergoing severe hardship. If you would like to make a donation towards helping dogs in emergency situations feel free to click the donation button which will allow you to donate as much as you would like to whatever cause you would like to. We thank you ahead of time for the lives that you will save and reassure you that you are making a huge difference in the lives of others.