What does a cruelty free logo really mean ?

Are brands I use really cruelty free just because they say cruelty free?
What Makes a Brand Cruetly free?
Who tests to make sure cruelty free brands are really cruelty free?

The Brand Says Cruelty Free But is Anything Really Cruelty Free?

The Brand Logo Says Cruelty Free But is it Really?

A true cruelty free product is a product that has not been tested on animals in any way shape or form. That means no past experimentation on ingredients, no present or future experimentation and no experimentation on the finished product. A good way to spot a cruelty free product is by looking at the cruelty free logo on the packaging of the item. If you see a bunny logo most times you are good to go. However some companies will try to trick you by adding a bunny but it not being one of the actual trusted logos. There are three different bunny logos to look for when it comes to reliability which are the leaping bunny, peta, and choose cruelty free. Keep in account that even if you do see these logos on the packaging it is always best to visit the websites to verify that the products are actually cruelty.

The Leaping Bunny logo

cruelty free logo - Project Pupper

The Leaping Bunny Cruetly Free Logo

Lets compare the companies who certify the products with the cute little bunny logo. First comes the Leaping Bunny. If you see the logo to your left the product has been certified by the Leaping Bunny. In order to be certified by the Leaping Bunny a company will have to voluntarily sign a form stating that they will not use any ingredients that have been, will be or are being tested on animals and that they will not test on the finished product. The good thing about the Leaping Bunny is that they do audits on the companies to make sure they are standing by their cruelty free claim of the product. This organization has been internationally recognized for its certification of household, cosmetic or personal care products that have not been tested on animals. It is actually the only organization that is internationally identified for those things.

PETA Cruelty Free Logo
Project Pupper Cruelty Free Logo

PETA Cruelty Free Logo

The logo on the right means the product is certified by PETA. PETA stands for “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals”, PETA claims to be the largest animal rights organization world wide. One of PETA’s main focuses are animal testing in laboratories. Unfortunately, getting certified for PETA is fairly easy, all the company has to do is sign a form stating that they will not test on the animals now or in the future(this includes the finished product) and will not use products that have been tested on before. PETA does not conduct any audits of the company so when you see this logo i would research the product a bit more before buying it.

Choose Cruelty Free Logo

Cruelty Free Logo

Cruelty Free Logo

The cute little bunny on the left represents an organization called Choose Cruelty Free, they are a non-profit Australian organization aiming to guide consumers towards the correct products that have not been involved in the testing of animals. Their website offers a wide variety of alternative products that you can buy that have not been tested on animals. The products are certified by having the companies and any contract manufacturers fill out a Q&A and sign a legally binding contract plus a $100 fee.

Now that you have the information about the logos you can make an informed decision a little easier. Keep in mind there is not background research done on these companies. The only organization that does audits is the Leaping Bunny. Also take into consideration that just because an item doesn’t have a logo doesn’t mean that its not cruelty free. Some companies just don’t want to have to pay a fee to use the logo. If there isn’t a logo it is probably best to just go straight to the Leaping Bunny website and see if it is listed there and then research further if needed.






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