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How To Help Dog Shelter Pets ?

Looking for a dog shelter near you, we can help all dog rescues today

There are many things that do to help the dogs in shelters or even to prevent them from being admitted into shelters.Starting with donations whether it is food or funds for medical treatment and adoption preparation. Some animals are fortunate sick animals are fortunate enough to survive a shelter and receive treatment for their illnesses but it is a rare occurrence

with your help, we can save more dog and end homeless pets and animal euthanasia forever

Keep your pet within reach and tag them

A terrifying amount of animals taken into shelters that have strayed from their owners and got lost or didn’t get a chance to make it home before being picked up by someone passing by. It is critical that you keep your pet tagged and be responsible by keeping their information up to date. Microchipping is ideal because it is permanent. However there are other options such as a GPS tracking device or just a simple collar with your information.

Spay and neuter your pets and make sure you share is on social media

If you spay and neuter your pets instead of breeding you will be preventing an overpopulation of animals and encouraging others to adopt an animal from a shelter. Not to mention the other benefits such as prevention of certain diseases and the female suppering from the pain during their menstrual cycle

Find a Dog a Home Yourself

If by chance you do pass by a stray always check for an ID tag containing the owner’s contact information. If the dog does not have that check to make sure they are not wearing a GPS tracking device, then take them to a vet or shelter to have them scanned for a microchip. If all has failed post on lost and found pages in your area. If no one claims the dog do your best to show him or her off and find them a safe home. Chances hard it won’t b difficult, people are in the market for a new addition to their family every day.When placing the dog into another’s hands always find out background information and also if they have other pets. If they do, it would be best to do a meet and greet. Last resort, find him or her a temporary home or bring them to a local RESCUE, not a shelter.

How to help the Shelters / Rescues

Become a Foster an animal
You can help save a life by fostering a canine. The application is a quick and simple process. Most ties the shelter will even provide you with the items needed to care for the dog. You can take care of a dog for just a little while and that will save a life and create one more space in the shelter for another dog.

Help to promote the local shelters

Subscribe to local Facebook pages and share their posts about dogs available for adoption. Raise awareness of pet adoption days at pet smart or days where the pet adoption fees are waved. Dogs will have a much larger chance of being adopted

With your help we can save more and more dogs.

If you donate food that is one less expense that the shelter will have to pay for Everything you do can decide whether a dog lives or dies. If you have a little bit of extra dog food or a food your dog tried but didn’t like, donate it. If you recently lost a pet or bought new supplies, donate your old ones. Shelters always need crates, toys, dog beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, blankets, puppy pads. Anything helps


If you volunteer at a shelter or rescue the funds won’t be wasted on paying someone to help care for them, also you can give a dog some much-needed love. Many dogs in shelters are neglected because of low staff

Donate Funds For Medical Treatment

Most of all donate funds for medical treatments. Dogs will not be adopted out when they are ill. The sick animals are the ones who get killed first because they cant afford to house and treat the animal. They would rather put their funds towards a health dog who has a better chance at being adopted. The dogs also need to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered prior to being adopted

Donate Here We Will do All of The Heavy Lifting

If funds are donated straight to project pupper we will do al of the heav lifting for you by sending the funds whereve you would like weather it be to medical treatments, ood, housing or eveb microchipping. We make the donation process simple and easy just click donate now and choose your cause.

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