Is My Dog In Heat ?

Is my Dog in Heat? What do I do?

If your female dog has been acting a little strange lately and you can’t figure out why, it is a good option to consider the fact that she may be in or approaching her heat cycle. There are a couple of signs to look out for, a few of the obvious signs are pink vaginal discharge, bleeding and swelling of the vulva. You should notice her excessively cleaning herself and urinating more frequently. Just like a female human your dog may seem a bit more groggy and agitated. She may even be whining a bit because her heat cycle causes her physical pain.She will also release pheromones that the male dogs can smell and you will start to see more interest coming from other dogs(Male of course). However in certain stages of her heat cycle she is likely to push them away.  When she is ready to reproduce she will allow the male dogs to approach her. Well more so encouraging sexual behaviour from the male. If she has any of these signs or symptoms here are a few things that you can do when she is in heat to insure everything runs smoothly for both her and everyone surrounding her.

What to do if your dog is in heat ?

  • Diapers- It may be uncomfortable for her and look a bit silly but it is a good idea to get her some diapers to not only protect your furniture but also from other dogs mounting her.
  • Lots of Love- Your pup may seem super attached to you during this time, give her the love that she needs. If she is not super clingy just ensure that she is distracted so she’s not so focused on the pain, maybe play a little fetch?
  • Exercise- Exercise is always a plus, it will distract her and wear her out enough to sleep, maybe even relax her.
  • Avoid Spreading Scent- Try to keep her indoors while she is in heat so there aren’t a bunch of male dogs surrounding your home,it may frighten her. Also she will be more aggressive towards other dogs. If you do take her out have her use the bathroom in the same area every time. You can also purchase a spray that is said to drive the male dogs away from her alluring scent.
  • Crate her- If you’re not fond of the doggy diaper idea or it keeps falling off you can always put your pup in a gated area indoors where she is isolated and can move around a bit. If you must crate her make sure she is able to see everyone around her so she knows she is safe and also walk her frequently.
  • Spay Her- Let’s be honest there are enough dogs on the streets and in the shelter already. Let’s prevent the reproduction of more dogs and find homes for the ones that exist. It’s also not a good idea to breed her if she has any hereditary issues because it will likely be passed along to the puppies. Spaying her early is the best thing you can do for your dog, it will prevent cancer and all other types of problems. It will also make yours and her life a whole lot easier.


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